Thursday, September 27, 2018

Catch up Christmas!

I must say I am blown away! I seriously didn’t think anybody would ever read my blog without  the 25 motif challenge so a massive thank you goes out to YOU!!!

So let’s get on with trying to play the catch up game and start with the next project in the timeline which would make it Christmas! I remember this past Christmas being a super busy time and it completely crept up and was over before I even realized it. We actually ended up having a surprise visit from family which was awesome but since it was a surprise, the time I had planned to finish Christmas shopping and crafting got taken away. I actually had started on my holiday ornaments fairly early but they weren’t  all completely finished when family arrived. Needless to say a lot of them were shipped late and quite a few of them were shipped super late because some of them got put in an obscure place when we cleaned for company and didn’t get found until well after the holiday. In fact it was so late that I felt silly sending some of them out so I just didn’t send them out.

I ended up making 19 of these snowflakes but only 9 of them actually got sent out. The pattern for the tatting is one by Renulek unfortunately I cant remember where I got the pattern for the beaded thing. The thread is just a white skein that I picked up from goodwill but I stiffened them with a glitter glue mixture I know that the 25 motif challenge doesn’t exist anymore but I am still going to count so this is my #16 motif

Monday, September 24, 2018

I realized a couple of months ago that it had been a really long time since I had posted anything  at that time I also discovered that the 25 motif challenge was no longer going to be continued. I was super disappointed that I had let my blog laps and that I didn’t even realize that the 25 motif challenge had decided that not enough people were interested in having it continue. Believe it or not it was the 25 motif challenge that inspired me to start a blog in the first place and it has been one of the big motivators to continue. When I found out that I totally missed the opportunity to tell Sharon the blogger who runs the challenge how very much her blog meant to me I was super bummed. Then I realized the reason why I missed it was because I was so busy with everyday life that I let my own blog go by the way-side so I truly have no idea how she found the time to run such an amazing blog and I will always be grateful to her for her hard work and for inspiring so many tatters and bloggers in so many ways.
I kind of lost interest to keep posting anything  because I kind of felt like there wasn’t much use to keep doing it because she was really the only person who probably  read it anyway. But I have really come to realize how much I have missed not blogging and how much I actually look back to my own blog to remember what my past projects were or to come up with what pattern I used to make a doily. I recently ran across a doily I had almost completed but for some reason I was 4 motifs away from finishing it so I looked back to my blog to find exactly what doily it was and where to find the pattern.   I have decided to try to go back and post a couple of my last projects before I cant remember them at all.  I doubt very much that I will remember much about each project but I am going to do my best.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Thanksgiving on Christmas Eve?!

So I was just getting ready to post my Christmas motifs when I realized I forgot to post my Thanksgiving motifs. This having a full time, big girl job is really cutting into crafting time! I am not loving it but I guess it is paying the bills.
It might be kind of silly to be posting a Happy Thanksgiving  post  on Christmas eve but here it goes! I am going to call these #15 in the 25 motif challenge.

Happy Thanksgiving

I ended up making 14 of these cards which means 28 of the leaves. This was the first project I used a more expensive thread on.  Making half of the leaves with Lizbeth thread and half with the cheaper Artiste thread let me compare them side by side.The Lizbeth color is the variegated one and it is size 10 and its called falling leaves, the solid orange is size 10 and its called Papaya. I found good and bad in both threads. While doing this pattern, which is a pattern from J Paulson I actually tried 2 new techniques I have never tried before.  This pattern called  for Josephine knots and I struggled massively with doing them with the Lizbeth thread . The knot would twist and then I couldn't get them to close but they went just fine with the Artise thread. I also got to try doing a zig-zag stitch when making the stem. I had a bit of trouble keeping the counts on doing that stitch but its not super noticeable so I think they turned out ok.
 I liked the way the leaves done with the Lizbeth thread turned out  a bit better but I was also more concerned with wasting thread while doing them. I am not sure where my extreme frugal-ness has come from but I sure hate waste so trying to convince myself that wasting a bit of thread would not be the end of the world was a constant battle cry. I used almost a full roll of the Lizbeth thread and it doesn't even look like I made a dent in the artiste thread. I may try using Lizbeth thread again but I don't think I enjoy using it as much as my cheaper thread.
Sorry about the Thanksgiving post on christmas eve but I guess its better late than never. I guess if its too bad Santa wont stop at my house tonight. I

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween!! I seriously cant believe it has been so long since I have posted anything. I knew it had been a while but I had no idea how long till I looked back at older posts. Part of the reason is because of the lull in the months that dont have any holidays in them.  The other part of the reason is because I finally had to break down and find a big girl job! Boy having a full time job really cuts into the crafting time!

I had every intention of getting my holiday cards in the mail in plenty of time for Halloween but time absolutely just flew by while trying to get into the groove of the new job so I didn't get them in the mail as early as I had hoped. I actually had them almost completely done several weeks ago but me running true to form hesitated to put the finishing touches on them and then I blinked and it was just a few days before the holiday.

I ended up making 16 of these little ornaments. I am going to call them #14 in the 25 motif challenge I found the pattern on and had downloaded it onto my computer and I am very thankful that I did because I went back to find it on the internet again and it keeps telling me that the server can't be found. I am super bummed because he had tons of super cute patterns and now it is gone. He had a pattern that I was going to use for my thanksgiving pattern so I ended up having to find another pattern. If anyone has any info on what happened to his site I would greatly appreciate it.
Each little cat ended up having its own little personality by the time I was done starching them.  I sometime changed the counts and sometimes I tatted a bit tighter than others so each one looks a bit different. I didn't block them when I starched them so that made each one unique.

              I hope everyone stays safe on Halloween
                    but have a spooky amount of fun!

Special thanks to Tio for helping me photograph the ornaments.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy Independence Day!!

Happy 4th of July! It has been quite a while since I have posted anything but I haven't really been doing tons of tatting. I had most of my 4th holiday motifs done by he first part of June but of course, running true to my MO I didn't completely finish them until July. Some of them made it in the mail in time to make it to my family but some of them got mailed a bit late and may not have made it on time. I really have no excuses since I had plenty of time in between holidays other than I am just lame and hate to finish my craft project in case they fail at the last minute.

I made 14 of these cards to send out to family and I am going to call them # in the 25 motif challenge. I found the picture for the star on pintrest and the blogger said she took the pattern from Ann Orrs classic tatting patterns and it was actually an edging pattern that she turned into a star.
The bead pattern is one that I did several years ago and I am not sure where I found the original pattern.  The thread I used was some I had found in a thrift store so I am not sure what it is but when I finished the stars they seemed to be done with 2 different colors of red so I decided to try adding glitter glue to my stiffening mixture to try covering it. Low and behold it seemed to work out great. Not sure if they will stand the test of time but they look pretty spiffy now!

I have also been working on another doily. Due to my inability to make decisions very easily I decided just to do another Wiosna doily. This is the same pattern I did last time but this one I am using Artiste thread in Coal black and dawn rose. 

One would think after doing this doily 3 times I would finally figure out why the second row keeps puckering but I'm still not sure what to do to fix it. I would imagine using better thread may help but I just cant afford more expensive stuff. I forgot I was going to try to decrease the stitch count until it was too late so this one will just have a bit of a puff look.

I hope you all have a safe and fun 4th of July!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Finished Doily and motifs 11 and 12

It has been a crazy busy last couple of weeks.  I was actually working away from home and staying in a motel and working 16 hour days for part of that so I didn't even get to pick up my tatting. It took me several days to recuperate so during those days I tatted a bit but mostly just sat in a state of stupor. We have had several days of almost summer like weather so I have spent quite a bit of time outside doing yard work. In between time I did finish my 4th doily.  This one is another Renulek which she calls Wiosna 2015, I used Artiste thread in #10 Wild Berry and black.  I am hoping that pressing the doily will help it to lay out flatter as it has a tendency to bunch.

We were asked to write a letter of encouragement to my mother-in law who was going to attend a women's retreat so I thought I would try to find a pattern for a cross bookmark that I could make in a couple hours as the letter had to go in the mail the next day.  I found a pattern by Mary Konior and I just used some left over thread that I had loaded on a couple of shuttles.

 I didn't like the way this one turned out and in my haste to try to hurry I dropped 4 chain stitches right at the top of the cross so I decided to try another pattern that I had found on pintrest.  I used another couple of shuttle that I already had loaded with thread to try it.  At this point I was out of time so I just ended up sending the little white one.  Its not perfect and it is quite tiny, I don't love it but I am hoping in this case "its the thought that counts".  I am going to call these crosses number 11 and 12 in the 25 motif challenge.

 I am probably not going to get much of a chance to tat this weekend because we are working another production show at a Seattle hotel.  It is going to be tons of extremely hard phyical labor but the money will be nice.

Have a nice weekend!!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter...and yes it is actually Easter today! That makes 2 holidays in a row that I have posted my holiday project right on time! Craziness I know.

These were actually pretty fun to make.  It is a super simple pattern that comes from the book Tatted Easter Eggs by Kirsten Wind Hansen.  I used Artiste #10 thread and its called "spring".  The thread was a joy to work with and it may be one of my favorite colors as well. I made 17 of these to give to family and friends and I am going to call them #10 in the motif challenge.  These were actually pretty time consuming to make for as simple as they look. The little beaded chicks took quite a bit of time to make and I ended up having to starch the tatting so by the time I was done making 17 complete ornaments I never wanted to make another one but low and behold I remembered that I forgot to add someone to my list so I am going to have to buckle down and make one more which will bring the total up to 18 (Yes I did that math in my head)