Saturday, July 4, 2020

Happy 4th of July!!

Happy 4th of July, it sure doesn’t feel like I should call it Independence day since we are working on day 113th of quarantine. However, our county is finally moving into phase 2 so I hope we are moving toward better days.

I am pleased to announce that I am actually all caught up on posts so these are actually the doodads for today’s holiday. I am even more excited to say that these went out in time for everyone to receive them by today.  These are another holiday that I had completed last year but not sent out.
When I went to put these together I found a good reason why they probably didn’t get sent out last year...these poor stars are super sad and look terrible. I believe I must have gotten the idea for the star off of a picture on pintrest because I could find the actual pattern. I found a couple of trial stars that looks like I tried to figure out the pattern but clearly, I didn’t do such a great job. Looking at these today I know there must be a much better way to do these.

I used Aunt Lydias Metallic size 10 thread and I remember this thread was an absolute nightmare to work with. I used 2 rolls of this crochet thread and I only ended up making 10 of these. I would have liked to make more of them but the thread is awful to work with and it is quite expensive so I decided not to put myself through more torture by making more. I know I should use tatting thread instead of the thread I usually use (artitste) but it is much more expensive and I have to think ahead and order it online so I just use the stuff that is readily available at our nearest craft store which is a hobby lobby about 35 miles away. I also find rolls of this at our thrift store that is just down the road from us so I usually grab it when I find it. Yes, this does add to my massive hoard that I have in my craft room. In fact it takes up a pretty big space since there is not a really good way to store it all.  

These stars tended to curl up and were very fiddly. They seemed to press out ok and I probably could have blocked them and got them to behave a bit better but I wasn’t sure what would happen to the metallic filament if I put glue on them.  The little beaded uncle Sam came from a pattern I bought off of ThreadABead that can be found here.

The card idea was my husbands and I tend to think that it is very relevant for this years holiday. Our governor of the state has made it mandatory that we all wear masks. I hope that whether you are in the group that thinks that this is a good idea or the group that refuses to conform that we can just be kind to each other… NO MATTER WHAT!!

Saturday, June 27, 2020

St Patricks catch up

Next catch up holiday is Saint Patricks day so I hope you are all wearing green!

There are not a lot of ideas for Saint Patricks tatting motifs. I pretty much have just found variations on the four leaf clover. For this one I just used the pattern that I used in  2017 doodads and changed the stitch count and added picots. Its kind of fun using 2 different colors for each shuttle.

 This is another holiday that I had done last year, I even had the cards done but they just didn’t get sent out. This year, I am happy to announce that these actually went out in time, in fact I got to hand deliver them to the part of my family that lives in Idaho! I made 12 of these and in looking back it looks like that I forgot to send a couple of them out, probably partially due to the fact I was in Idaho over the holiday  and partially because I was still reeling from being fired and my brain was not on straight.

I believe this post catches me up to the holiday tatting I have sent out so far. The next holiday will be 4th of July. I know they need to be sent out immediately if they are to arrive anywhere near on time. Wish me luck because I am having a hard time getting motivated to get them out.

Monday, June 15, 2020

No tats, just plants!

At this point I don’t even want to count how many days we have been in quarantine, I guess I shouldn’t count days because it has been months. The company my hubby works for (a company that builds carbon fiber guitars) “officially” had to go back to work last Monday. Up until that week he has been working from home and pretty much everyone else has still been getting paid but they haven’t had to go into work.   The company is located in the next county that has decided to move to phase 1.5 and allow a few more businesses to open. His boss decided he could go ahead and keep working from home  since a lot of what he has to do can all be done from home, so for now he only has to go in when he needs to.

The county we live in is still in full on quarantine because we were one of the hardest hit as far as cases and deaths go so I haven’t been able to find a job yet. Unfortunately, I haven’t really gotten anything much done around the house either. About the only thing we have really accomplished was a bit of yard work. My hubby loves rhododendrons and we have been meaning to plant some in our yard since we moved in (yickes has it really been 6 years)  but we never could find the time (or really the money)  to do that since we have pretty much worked every summer on the weekends doing concerts and festivals. I ended up getting one at Walmart on clearance and then the next time I went to Walmart I happen to ask if they were going to be going down in price and they said they were just going to throw them away so they sold me 4 more for $8.00 each…SCORE!! They had already bloomed and they were not looking so great but they are pretty hardy plants so we are hoping they will be ok.  Our property is about 2 acres and for some reason this stretch of land has never had anything planted along it. We are hoping that its not because nothing will grow there or since we have a power pole in the middle of that yard that it isn’t illegal to plant there. Wish us luck!

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Valentine's Day

I am happy to post that the next holiday I am catching up on is Valentines day and I actually get to say that I sent them out. Unfortunately, there is some bad news as well. I didn’t send them out in a very timely manner which is a huge shame because I actually had these doodads done for last years holiday and just didn’t send them out. Part of the reason why they didn’t get sent out last year is because I didn’t love the way they turned out and partly because I couldn’t come up with a card and partly because of the shame of not sending out the Christmas cards.

This is the first time I have tried adding beads into the tatting project itself, it’s also the first time I had attempted split rings. I got the pattern here on Etsy.  I tried tatting the key a couple of different ways but because my picots are out of control since the last couple of projects I did I wanted big floppy picots and the thread I use doesn’t really allow for small picots to look good ( I used size 10 Artiste thread called cloud. ) I decided to omit the picots. I still didn’t love the way these turned out and adding the beads, especially the one that you have to add to the second half of a split ring, really was not fun so I only ended up making 12 of these.  Since I didn’t make enough of these and I wanted to give a few more people valentines I sent out a couple of the doodads that I had left over from previous years.

When I went to put these together I found that when I made the beaded hearts I didn’t account for a way to attach them to the tatting.  Usually I add extra beads or a bigger bead on top to attach them but for some reason I didn’t this time. The beads were so small that I couldn’t find a split ring with small enough wire to go through them, so I ended up making my own rings. They don’t look very good but at least I got them attached.

Here's to hoping that I will post again real soon!

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

No Christmas again!!

Things have been pretty frightening lately, I seem to have lost days, maybe even weeks at a time because we are at day 60 of self quarantine and I have no idea where the time has gone or what I have done the last couple of months. Apparently, I need to quit blinking because it seems to happen in the blink of an eye!

Anyway, I would love to be posting about the next holiday but alas the next holiday should be Christmas , and I seriously cant believe I have to say this, but I didn’t send out Christmas cards yet again! Maybe even worse than that is I can’t even remember why I didn’t send them out. If I had to make a guess I would say probably because it was beyond stressful at work. There were a couple of months that I seriously didn’t think I was going to make it out alive. As far as Christmas goes, about the only thing I can remember is that it was just me and my hubby hanging out alone for the day and since it landed in the middle of the week I only had one day off anyway.  So I am going to just move on past this holiday, pretend it never even happened and hope for a better one next year. The way things are feeling that may even feel Christmas will be here in the next couple of weeks.  

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Thanksgiving 2019

It is impossible to believe that we have been in quarantine for 46 days, yet here we are. I have spent most of my days with my head spinning out of control, watching murder shows on ID and trying to come up with a new craft project (dang pintrest is a huge contributor to my stress) . I have an extremely difficult time starting new projects: what with trying to make a decision on what craft I want to do next, like tatting, beading, jewelry making, cross stitching or plastic canvas etc.  and then the fun of trying to choose colors for the project aggghhh! I have an okay time while I am in the middle of a project but then when I reach the end I have a hideous time completely finishing it. I actually have lots of new crafts I want to try but trying to pick one is overwhelming. I am a massive craft hoarder and I have a room full of supplies that would almost put hobby lobby to shame but that is completely overwhelming because there is so much and such a wide variety. I don’t know what my problem is but I feel like one big giant mess.

It is getting harder and harder to come up with ideas for my holiday tatted/beaded cards.  It is just as hard to come up with card sayings and ideas, in fact trying to come up with cards is a good part of the reason why they sometimes get sent out so late or sometime not at all. The next holiday is a perfect example of both.

These are the motifs for Thanksgiving  2019

I had already made leaves for a card a couple of years ago but I couldn’t come up with anything else, so I found this idea by Marilee Rockley. I don’t much like the little beaded guy so wasn’t super proud to send these out. I made 13 total doodads but I only sent 6 of them out, mostly due to the fact that I thought they were not so good and partly because they probably got sent out late. I don’t like any of the colors and the poor scarecrow is just sad. I used 2 different brands of thread and I was a bit surprised how different the 2 threads were size wise. The gold leaf is artiste size 10 as is called topaz and the red one is red heart classic size 10 and it is burgundy.

We couldn’t come up with anything witty to put on the cards so we decided to just tell it like it is.  You probably can’t see what is says in the parentheses but it says “insert appropriate number here”.

I hope everybody is staying safely at home and working on lots of fun projects. It is quite the feeling knowing that the whole world is doing the same thing and going through the same stuff. 

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Halloween 2019

Time is just absolutely flying by. I am still behind on my posts so I am going to continue to try to catch up on posting about past holidays. As I have said before I rely on my blog posts if ever I want or need to go back to previous tatting to remember what I have done.

I believe the next holiday that I need to post about is Halloween 2019.

I ended up making 13 of these doodads but I only sent 7 of them out. I would venture a guess that they probably got sent out late because that’s the way I usually do things (I am not  proud of that but I am really trying to figure out why I have such a hard time completing projects). That would also explain why only part of them got sent out. I found the pattern for the tatting on pintrest, it’s a pattern by L. Shelby and you can find it here. I changed the pattern a little bit because she has the pattern listed as a dragon and I wanted it to look like a bat. This was a pretty fun pattern to work but it’s one you have to pay attention to while doing it because its easy to miss a join. In fact, I made 2 of them that are unusable because I forgot a small ring on one of the wings and on another one I missed a join. I used artiste thread, size 20 and the color is called pewter.

I have sent out Halloween motifs for the last 4 years and I haven’t missed a year since I started tatting so I have pretty much ran out of patterns for this holiday. I found a witch hat by Gillian Buchanan that has a written pattern and a diagram but for some reason I tried it and failed dismally. I can’t seem to figure it out. I may have to try it again because I can’t find anything else. I haven't been doing much tatting lately because I cant seem to find something to tat. Since I didn't send out any holiday ones last year I am ahead of the game for this year and Halloween 2020 is actually the next project I need to make stuff for. I have been doing lots of cross stitch because I realized that I never made a birth announcement for our grand son (my husbands daughters son) that will be 2 in June. I had made one for his brother so I figured I should do one for him as well.  I also decided to make one for our new grand daughter (Jeez she will be turning 1 this month) and she has 2 siblings that I am working on as well.  These have kept me quite busy but it has been way too long since I have tatted and I am starting to really miss it. I need to find a project soon before I forget how!