Tuesday, October 18, 2016

21 and 22 pumpkin motifs

It has been a really long time since I have posted anything! I knew it had been a while but after looking at my last post it is much longer than I had thought.  Time is just flying by and not in a good way. I have always heard that happens once you get older but it is even more true when you struggle with depression and panic attacks and anxiety disorders.
I actually had a really bad epiphany about the cross stitch I was working on for the new baby.  I had chose to do it in 18 count because I didn't want the finished project to be too big.  But I woke up in the middle of the night and got to thinking that the pattern has a spot that you stamp the babies foot prints on and there may not be enough space to put them because I used such small fabric.  It is going to be even worse the longer I wait, the baby was born in August so I am sure she is probably growing like a weed.  I have been furiously trying to get it done so I have a higher chance of them fitting.  I am stressing out pretty good because I picked the pattern for the fact that you can personalize it even further with the actual footprints.  The family lives in Nashville so I cant check to see if they are going to fit.  Pretty much every little thing about this project has been a pain. I really don't like anything about this thing so I am trying to get it done and get it out of my sight.

I have taken a few breaks away from the cross stitch because Halloween is coming quickly so I want to get my holiday project for my family done as well.  I first tried out a few pumpkin patterns that I found on pintrest.

The one on the left is one I found on youtube. The video is in a foreign language and didn't come with a written pattern but the video flashes the counts on the screen so it was easy enough to follow.  It was done with a needle but it is super small so not exactly what I was hoping for. You can find the video here.
The pumpkin on the right is a pattern by Mark Myers that is actually an apple pattern but Le Blog de Frivolet did it with orange thread as a pumpkin. After looking at it for a while I realized the stem is not quite correct for a pumpkin so I searched for another pattern.  I did end up finding another Halloween pattern but I cant post it yet because I want the project to be a surprise.  I am going to call these 2 lil pumpkins motifs 21 and 22.
I have also worked on my doily a little bit but not enough to bother taking a picture. I am waiting to hear back from my friend about some of the babies info I need to finish the cross stitch. In the mean time I am working diligently on trying to get the Halloween motifs done before the holiday hits.


  1. Life gets in the way of tatting and blogging. It happens to most of us. Lovely pumpkins!

  2. I am writing up my pumpkin pattern today. If you would like a copy, send me an email at hendersonteacher at yahoo.com . You can see a copy here, http://www.thebeadedowls.com/classes . I am supposed to be teaching this class this week. Yes, I wait to the last minute also.