Thursday, May 11, 2017

Finished Doily and motifs 11 and 12

It has been a crazy busy last couple of weeks.  I was actually working away from home and staying in a motel and working 16 hour days for part of that so I didn't even get to pick up my tatting. It took me several days to recuperate so during those days I tatted a bit but mostly just sat in a state of stupor. We have had several days of almost summer like weather so I have spent quite a bit of time outside doing yard work. In between time I did finish my 4th doily.  This one is another Renulek which she calls Wiosna 2015, I used Artiste thread in #10 Wild Berry and black.  I am hoping that pressing the doily will help it to lay out flatter as it has a tendency to bunch.

We were asked to write a letter of encouragement to my mother-in law who was going to attend a women's retreat so I thought I would try to find a pattern for a cross bookmark that I could make in a couple hours as the letter had to go in the mail the next day.  I found a pattern by Mary Konior and I just used some left over thread that I had loaded on a couple of shuttles.

 I didn't like the way this one turned out and in my haste to try to hurry I dropped 4 chain stitches right at the top of the cross so I decided to try another pattern that I had found on pintrest.  I used another couple of shuttle that I already had loaded with thread to try it.  At this point I was out of time so I just ended up sending the little white one.  Its not perfect and it is quite tiny, I don't love it but I am hoping in this case "its the thought that counts".  I am going to call these crosses number 11 and 12 in the 25 motif challenge.

 I am probably not going to get much of a chance to tat this weekend because we are working another production show at a Seattle hotel.  It is going to be tons of extremely hard phyical labor but the money will be nice.

Have a nice weekend!!


  1. Your doily is beautiful!!! :)
    Great try on your first cross! And the white cross looks wonderful!! :)

  2. They all look pretty !!! I think the pink cross can easily be 'rescued' .