Saturday, February 9, 2019


I was going to try to take advantage of our snow day off and get another post out of the way. I started several posts but I didn't get them finished on the snow day but at least I made the attempt.   It snowed on Sunday night through till Monday morning and as I work for a service company that runs service trucks and live in an area that is not equipped for snow removal my boss made the decision to not even open the doors. We actually got about 6 inches on Monday and we stayed down in the teens all week so the snow didn’t get much of a chance to melt so when we had an anticipated storm set to hit the area again on Friday my boss decided to not open on Friday either. We did end up getting about 4 more inches which is huge when we don’t have snow plows or sand trucks so it was probably a good idea that we didn’t have the guys come in and take the chance of getting stuck and being snowed out of home.

Anyway, up next we have Halloween. Since there are several months between 4th of July and Halloween you would think that I would have plenty of time to come up with a fun motif and have plenty of time to get them done but apparently, in my world that is just not the case. I remembered seeing a spider web motif somewhere in my cyber surfing but it was a bit difficult to find it again. I remembered that it was probably “tatman” site that I saw it on but since he has taken the site down it was quite difficult to try to find. For some reason I had it in my mind that that was the next pattern I wanted so I searched for a long time trying to find the pattern. I did end up finding a picture of it and it took me several tries to figure out the pattern.

  I am terrible at figuring out what I need to change about the counts in order for my project to lay flat. It took me several motifs before I remembered that you can climb out of a row with a split ring so that the web ended correctly.  My end product doesn’t look anywhere near as good as Mark Meyers (tatman) but I think the little beaded spider kind of redeems the project. 

I made 12 complete cards (not including the mess ups in the picture above). These are probably one of my least favorite projects I have ever done but at least I got most of them sent out.  The card idea was mine, my husband didn’t get the concept but I sent them out anyway.

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  1. Now, those are frilly, decorative webs - more adorable than scary 😉 Nice work, though! Tatman has shifted all his files to Facebook and they are still available there.