Monday, June 13, 2016

Doily remake!

Well another weekend bites the dust! It seemed like the weekend went by really quickly.  I got to work production on a comedy show on Saturday at a casino that we hadn't worked at for a while.  Its not very often that I work a show that my husband doesn't work with me so its was a bit different. Its always a better show when we get to work together, maybe the worse part of not working together for this show was the 2 1/2 hour car ride alone and then another 2 1/2 hour car ride home after working a 12 hour day. The crew I was working the show with are super fun guys so it was a pretty good day.
Sunday was a pretty lazy day because the hubby also had to work a show alone Saturday night so we both got home really late.  I got in a little bit of yard work because it was the first nice day we have had for a while but other than that we didn't get much accomplished.
Earlier in the week I had decided I was just going to do another doily of the same pattern that I had just completed.  I had someone in mind that I was going to do the first one for but since I am not super happy with that one I am going to try it again.  I am going to be brave and try to do this one with several colors which means quite a few decisions.  So far I have already decided on the colors and which colors the first few row are going to be.

 The pink shows up a bit more bright pink than I was hoping it would be but so far things are going ok. The center is red heart classic in burgundy,  the green is the same thread I used on the last doily which  is Artiste in sweet pea and the pink is Artiste in tropical pink all thread is size 10.
I also decided to tryout one of my new shuttles.  I had ordered an Handy Hands Aerlit shuttle which has a crochet hook on one end and a removable bobbin awhile ago but I haven't had a chance to try it out yet.  This shuttle has good points and not so good points.  I really like the fact that I don't have to constantly look for a separate crochet hook to do joins but the hook sometimes tends to get in the way and it hooks itself on the thread when you least want it to.  I love the the fact that I don't have to unwind a shuttle if it has the wrong color thread on it I can just change out the bobbin. I ordered a set of extra bobbins so I think that will be an extra bonus. The down side is I don't think the bobbins hold as much thread so it seems I am having to add thread more often.  I have tried to find out how much thread each shuttle holds but I cant seem to find that info out.  I think I may have to do a little experiment to find out exactly how much each holds so I will know in the future. 


  1. Pay attention to how you put the bobbin in the shuttle. I hold the shuttle up so that the hook is facing up and on the right. I insert the bobbin so that the thread comes out on the bottom on the right. In that position I can tat without the hook getting caught in my work. If the hook faces left, I catch it every time. Try it and if you're still catching the hook in your work, reverse what I just said. We all tat differently and you need to try what works for you. When I first tried a bobbin shuttle, I'd use it once and it worked like a charm, and the next time I got the shuttle caught up in my work. Then I started paying attention to the direction of the hook in relation to the direction of the thread coming off the bobbin. Once I had that sorted out I never had a problem with it again. The bobbin shuttles hold about 9 yards of size 20 thread or about half as much in size 10 thread since it's about twice as thick. Take a look at the instructions for adding thread and hiding ends on my blog.
    When I use the method shown, running out of thread isn't such a big deal since I can add more thread and hide the ends on the fly. It's a method I figured out when working on a design where I had to design a bit, cut it out, try again, cut it out, repeat a whole bunch of times. I had to do it so often I was spending more time hiding ends than I was tatting. This method adds new thread and hides both old and new threads simultaneously without knots.