Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Same mistake...different doily

It has been a super brutal last couple of weeks.  Holidays away from family never seem to get any easier but I  just had to get through 3 of them.  It certainly wasn't much fun not getting to give my dad a huge hug on fathers day and then on the heels of that, mine and my dads birthdays are a week apart.  That pretty much made the whole week almost impossible to get through.  To top that off I went to close row seven only to find that I had missed putting in a thrown ring in the previous row!! AGGGHHH It is the exact same thing I did with my last doily.  I cant believe I didnt see it as it was only 3 joins in from where I started the next row.

As mistakes go it was in a pretty good spot to be able to fix it without having to tear out too many elements but the problem was trying to hide a massive amount of ends all in a small space.  It also meant trying to open several ring of which I am not so good at.  I agonized for a couple of days over the decision whether to fix the mistake or just leave it and deal with it like I did the last doily.  I finally just decided to leave the mistake alone because I figured making a weird join in row 8 would be less obvious than trying to hide so many ends in one spot. 
The week wasn't completely all terrible, we did end up working a Candlebox  show at a casino which was pretty fun.  This one was a complete full production show which means we supplied and set up absolutely everything needed to put the show on.  The only thing we didn't set up was the stage as it was already there.  The hours were super long and the casino was several hours away from home so we got to stay over night at the casino hotel so it was kind of fun being away from home for a few.
 I guess you have to take the good with the bad, we can only hope for more good than bad.  The hubby can usually find the good in the bad but I don't do so good with that but I keep trying.


  1. I once left out a floating ring (Frauberger Bookmark by Robin) & added the ring using SSSR, leaving only 1 thread end to hide.
    I like the pleasant colours you've used .

  2. Oh....I am sure your doily will still look beautiful!!! :)