Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Motif 18 and 19...Foreigner

Time has absolutely just been flying by. I am almost afraid to blink because it is going by so quickly.  The hubby was off work for a week for a company vacation/shutdown and we had a big long list of honey-do's to get done around the house.  The biggest project we tackled and completed was stripping and staining our 2000 square foot deck including deck and railings. We did several other small projects one of which was finally mailing off my 4th of July projects I had been working on for a while now.  I actually had them mostly completed over a month earlier but once again I sent them out in the mail late so they didn't quite make it by the 4th.

These are #18 in the 25 motif challenge. I made 6 of these which means I made 18 of the little stars.  The pattern is called Twinkle Twinkle by Joelle Paulson and it is a very fun pattern to complete. I first tried it with a needle and then I tried the shuttle and I found I liked the way the shuttle one turned out so I ended up doing them all with a shuttle. I am going to call the little star done with the needle motif  #19.

We have also done some pretty fun shows in the last couple weeks.  During the long 4th of July weekend we worked a couple shows at Quil Ceda casino.  These bands were all local bands and most of them were pretty good and not too bad to work. This last weekend we worked an amazing show that was a ton of work but well worth it!

We worked complete production on the Foreigner show!!  We set up absolutely everything needed to put on the show.  The only thing we didn't set up was the stage as it was already set up.  This show involved loading and unloading two 56 foot trucks that were loaded from floor to ceiling with gear and then setting up all the gear.  It also involved working with Foreigners road crew loading and unloading and setting up the bands full sized semi-truck that was loaded  floor to ceiling with all their gear. The show was awesome and the whole crew was a lot of fun to work with so it was a pretty good weekend.
I had also been working on my doily. I had thought I was making pretty good time on the last couple rows but I found out that I had made several mistakes in row 10. I had started on row 11 when I realized about 13 elements in that I had joined that row wrong so I had to cut it all off. I found right away that I had also forgot to add 4 floating rings in row 10. Thankfully I had recently read a comment from muskaan (thanks tons muskaan) about adding a  left off floating ring so I as able to add these without too much grief it just took lots of time. I am hoping that the next couple rows go better.


  1. The stars look very happy together - I'm sure your gift must've been well-appreciated :-)
    Glad the tip worked ! Yes, it can be fiddly ;-P