Monday, July 18, 2016

Doily finished!!

Well there is another weekend in the books.  It was a pretty fun weekend but very exhausting.  We worked production at The Bite of Seattle.This is a food festival that involves over 60 different food and craft vendors and 5 different stages that have live bands that play 40 minutes and they start every hour on the hour.   Our part involved setting up the stage  and then being responsible for getting different bands set up and then playing a 40 minute set which means we had 20 minutes to get one band completely off the stage and the next band set up and sound checked. Set up day was all day Thursday and then the bands played Friday, Saturday and Sunday from noon to 9pm and Sunday night was tear down and loading out of all the sound equipment and backline gear we provided.  We have worked this show for the last 6 years and its always been a highlight of the year.
I cant seem to get going on anything today. I could probably chalk that up to being tired after such a long weekend but I think its more of a matter of being lazy and not wanting to make a decision on what project to start next.  I finished my Renulek 2014 doily just before leaving for the festival. I ended up finding several mistakes in the second to the last row so i got my first taste of cutting out 5 inches of elements and then un-tatting several inches so I could tie on in the middle of a row. That was sure not my idea of a fun time tatting as it was hiding lots of ends but it seems to have gone ok.  I decided to end this doily at row 11 because I would have done the next rows in the maroon color and that thread seems to be just enough bigger that it caused major bunching in row 8. I used 3 different brands of thread on this one and I am going to call this a lesson learned not to make that mistake again! I still need to clip all the ends off and starch it but this completes my second attempt at a doily.


  1. Love reading the 'backstory' of your work !
    Renulek's patterns have this great advantage - one can stop at any row & still the doily looks complete :-)