Sunday, December 24, 2017

Thanksgiving on Christmas Eve?!

So I was just getting ready to post my Christmas motifs when I realized I forgot to post my Thanksgiving motifs. This having a full time, big girl job is really cutting into crafting time! I am not loving it but I guess it is paying the bills.
It might be kind of silly to be posting a Happy Thanksgiving  post  on Christmas eve but here it goes! I am going to call these #15 in the 25 motif challenge.

Happy Thanksgiving

I ended up making 14 of these cards which means 28 of the leaves. This was the first project I used a more expensive thread on.  Making half of the leaves with Lizbeth thread and half with the cheaper Artiste thread let me compare them side by side.The Lizbeth color is the variegated one and it is size 10 and its called falling leaves, the solid orange is size 10 and its called Papaya. I found good and bad in both threads. While doing this pattern, which is a pattern from J Paulson I actually tried 2 new techniques I have never tried before.  This pattern called  for Josephine knots and I struggled massively with doing them with the Lizbeth thread . The knot would twist and then I couldn't get them to close but they went just fine with the Artise thread. I also got to try doing a zig-zag stitch when making the stem. I had a bit of trouble keeping the counts on doing that stitch but its not super noticeable so I think they turned out ok.
 I liked the way the leaves done with the Lizbeth thread turned out  a bit better but I was also more concerned with wasting thread while doing them. I am not sure where my extreme frugal-ness has come from but I sure hate waste so trying to convince myself that wasting a bit of thread would not be the end of the world was a constant battle cry. I used almost a full roll of the Lizbeth thread and it doesn't even look like I made a dent in the artiste thread. I may try using Lizbeth thread again but I don't think I enjoy using it as much as my cheaper thread.
Sorry about the Thanksgiving post on christmas eve but I guess its better late than never. I guess if its too bad Santa wont stop at my house tonight. I


  1. We can be thankful any time of the year, why not now :-D
    Lovely card & leaves and good thread review !

  2. Fabulous leaves and turkey!!! :)