Monday, February 29, 2016

Thrift store, lunch and jammin'

Well it has been a few days since I have posted anything as I have been having computer issues. My computer is fairly old but I am hoping I can keep limping by until I can find a job.
I had a pretty good day yesterday. I scored pretty big at Goodwill. I actually found a tatting shuttle and a bunch of tiny crochet hooks and a bunch of thread.  It kinda looked like someone completely cleaned out their tatting closet and I ended up being the winner in the deal! As an added bonus it was all on sale! I didn't know it was on sale until I got to the check out and the cashier let me know.
In the afternoon, Mark, my stepson came over for lunch. After lunch was done we all spent time in the music room jammin. I was on drums, Mark was on guitar and harmonies and the hubby played piano and sang. It is always so great when we get to see Mark and its a huge bonus when he stays long enough to jam with us. It is sounding like Mark wants to play more often so him and Dave are talking about dusting off some of their old songs and taking them out on the road again. Sure hope that happens soon!

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