Friday, March 4, 2016

Shuttles ordered, artiste thread on sale!

Well I finally decided to just go ahead and order a couple shuttles. I even broke down and ordered a few balls of Lizbeth thread to try it. I am such an excessively frugal person so I am not sure how much I will use the more expensive threads. Even when I am sewing I end up threading my needle a million times because I try to not waste thread even though sewing thread is not awfully expensive. Sometimes the frugal-ness gets in the way of completing projects or sometimes even starting projects because something in me just doesn't want to waste my stash of goodies which kind of follows into my next issues of hoarding. I am not like the hoarders on tv (yes I am guilty of watching every episode much to the chagrin of the hubby) but I do have quite the stash of craft supplies which I can blame on my addiction to thrift store shopping which I love because I am such a frugal person (wow are you too seeing the viscous circle going on here?) . Anyway, this brings me into my next confession...I visited Hobby Lobby yesterday in hopes of finding some more supplies and lo and behold all of the artiste thread was on sale!! So the hoarder in me kind of took over and I bought almost one of every color of crochet thread in size #10 they had. So far I have just been using a Bernat #5 thread because that is what I found in my local Walmart store. I have also used some vintage J&P Coats knit-cro-sheen that I inherited from my grandma. I think if I stick with using the less expensive threads for a while until I learn a bit more I may be more likely to start more projects.
I have made up my mind, I am going to join the 25 motif challenge so I guess I better get busy and start posting pictures of my projects huh? Maybe tomorrow!


  1. Using cheap thread for tatting isn't really frugal. Frugal mean not wasteful. Cheap thread frays, breaks and is difficult to un-tat so you end up cutting it off and throwing it away in frustration, which isn't really being frugal at all. Good thread has a smooth finish which slides better, is therefore easier to tat with, easier to fix mistakes with and makes a superior finished project. The gloss of the smooth threads shines in the final lace. As a beginner, keep to the good quality six cord threads. It will help you achieve consistent tension with little fuss.

    1. Thanks so much for the tip. I am already learning even within the same brand different colors feel different and work up differently. So far I have just tried needle tatting so I am still trying to figure out how much thread to start with on my needle so I dont end up with a huge tail that I have to cut off in the end.

  2. I also have a huge box of cheap crochet thread, but tatting is so much easier and more pleasant with good 6-cord thread that I never use them! I think you'll be amazed at how different the Lizbeth thread is. :) FYI, my hobby lobby does carry a small selection of Lizbeth, so you might want to check yours. It's more expensive, but worth it.

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