Friday, March 11, 2016

2, 3 and 4 of 25 Motif Challenge

Well it has been a few days since I have posted anything. I have been battling camera issues so I am really late at posting these picture but I guess "better late than never".  These are 2, 3, and 4 of the 25 Motif Challenge.

 These are hearts made from a free project sheet I got at a craft store. The project sheet is advertising Lizbeth thread. This is the first project I made by just reading a pattern and not by following a video. The left one is made with Bernat handicrafter thread and the green one is made from J&P Coats vintage thread. Purple and green are my favorite colors so I will probably be using the Bernat thread a lot. I really like working with the J&P thread, it doesn't pull through as easily as the shiny threads but I seem to be able to keep tension better.

 This bracelet is made from a free pattern I got off of the blog by totusmel ,  it has a link to an awesome instructables page that has lots of pictures to help along the way. She has lots of fun patterns, I am looking forward to trying them all.  I am not positive that the instructions for the end pieces are correct because I couldn't figure them out with the instructions and pictures so I had to use common cents to figure them out. Unfortunately I finished the end pieces after I had already started the main part of the bracelet so I used a different ball of thread so the 2 blacks don't match but I still like the way it turned out. The little rose on the bottom was a mess-up that I didn't know was a mess up till I got to almost the end of the pattern so it went a bit wonky. The red thread is Red Heart size 5 but the pictures really don't do justice to the nice maroon color, I am not sure what the black thread is as I got both rolls from a thrift store.

I found the pattern for these little hearts at
They made up much bigger than I thought they would be. The red ones are the same thread as the roses above and there is more of my favorite colors. I didn't realize the heart at the bottom was laid out so wonky until I went to post it. These are not stiffened yet so I will be able to straighten it out when I get that done.

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