Thursday, March 17, 2016

Happy St. Pattys day

Well Happy Saint Patricks day all!! This is one of my favorite holidays because my all time favorite color is green.

Here is #9 in the 25 Motif Challenge. I actually made 6 of these to send them to my family (sshhh dont tell though cause I didn't get a chance to get them in the mail yet)  I did end up taking the pattern from Frivole and changing the counts and adding picots to come up with this pattern. It is very encouraging because I just found out that I should be able to create my own patterns so i am pretty excited. My first attempt actually ending out to be kind of cool even though it started out with a mistake.
I didn't find out that I attached one of the chains to a wrong picot until I was several elements away from the mistake. Instead of picking it all out I decided just to try to see what happens when you weave a chain under or over another one and  attach it at random places. I don't love it but it was kind of fun.

In other news...I finally made a turn in figuring out the shuttle!! I worked on it until it started to frustrate me then I went and drummed for a while to work out some aggression's and low and behold when I came back it started to make a bit more sense. I am not able to do the little flick with one finger yet but I am hoping it will come with time. I am super super slow because I basically have to let the thread fall completely off my left hand to be able to get the stitch to transfer. I hope this isnt starting a bad habit but I feel like as soon as I understand how the knot transfers I should be able to hold the thread with more control. I have made up my mind that I am going to keep trying!!

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