Monday, March 13, 2017

New craft project

Another weekend bites the dust! This weekend was the first in a very long time that we didn't have to work. Most of it was spent just chillin but some of it was spent trying to finish the St Patricks gifts that I have been working on.  I don't want to post a picture of the kits until after they are received but I am happy to announce that I ended up starting and actually completing two new craft projects.
I had purchased a set of metal stamp punches some time ago but I had been afraid of trying them out...until now!

I made these to put in my St Patricks kits.  I used pennies with the birth year of everyone I sent them to except my parents, those I had to just use shiny ones. They were fairly simple to do so, YES I will be trying to do more metal stamping.

I also made a couple tshirts from an idea I found on pintrest.  These were super simple to make and I think they turned out pretty cute.  I made one for each of the grand kids. I got them in the mail a bit late so I hope they make it in time!

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