Saturday, March 18, 2017

Thanks Muskaan and magic loops

I had been been working on row 5 of my doily which are the little flower motifs when I happened to read a post from Muskaan on my previous post. WOW and past WOW!! I have literally spent hours being lost in her blog. The information on her site is invaluable and it literally shouts out her love and dedication to tatting! A huge giant shout out from the roof tops at the top of my lungs goes out to her for the amazingness of her site and willingness to share her talents and learning's!
She has shared lots of info about this exact doily. I wish I would have read the info before I started row 4 because she make the flowers before and then joins them during the construction of row 4. Way too late for that but I will be making use of that tip the next time I make this pattern.  I was however able to make use of the tiny joining picots she does when making the flowers unfortunately I had already gotten through the majority of doing them. So now I am at a dilemma as to whether or not to cut off the wiltey, tweaked looking flowers and re-due them.

I needed a big shuttle to start the next row on my doily and I couldn't find one that didn't have thread on it already.  The hoarder in me took over and wouldn't let me just unwind the thread and throw it away (even though I normally use cheaper thread) so I decided to tat a little motif to use the thread.  I decided to return to where it all first tatting project.  My first project was a little heart done with a needle that I had found the tutorial on youtube. The tutorial and pattern can be found here.
Can I just say I am very thankful for magic loops! I am fairly certain I wouldn't have been able to complete this motif without them. I am going to call this motif #9 because the last time I did this pattern I used a needle and this time I used a shuttle.

Heres to hoping its a good weekend! I know it is going to be an extremely busy one for us...more on that later because I need to buckle in and get it started!


  1. muskaan's blog is a wealth of useful information that she's very kind to share.

  2. So sweet, Nikki! I merely share as & what I learn myself.

  3. Your doily is wonderful!! :)
    Great way to use up the thread! Your heart is pretty!!! :)
    When I have thread on a shuttle and need it I wind the thread on a floss bobbin(like a small card) and slide it into the package of thread so I know what it is and what size. :)

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