Wednesday, March 8, 2017

next project

Well it appears I have made it through the weekend and now we are well on our way through the week.  Its been one of those weeks where I am doing my best to keep my mind occupied otherwise I will end up rocking in the corner sucking my thumb (figuratively not literally).  I spent almost one whole day cruising the internet looking for my next craft project.  The problem is I have several new projects I would like to try my hand at but I really have a problem with starting something new because of my fear of failing so its easier to not even begin. The problem with that is I always end up beating myself up for not being able to start something new. Its quite the viscous circle and one that I cant seem to break. When I think about trying something new and then try to research it the anxiety rises and I let it get the better of me.  I literally have a huge craft room full of supplies just waiting to become something awesome but the anxiety gets the better of me so I end up just closing the door and running away. 
Since I desperately needed something to keep my mind occupied I finally settled on just starting another doily.  I decided on the same pattern as the one I just completed which is the Renulek wiosna 2015. 

I remember the doily being quite fun in some rows so this one is probably the easiest to do again.  I believe I am just going to use black and purple on this one.  The thread is artiste size 10 in black and wild berry.  Unfortunately right out of the gate in row 2 I missed doing a join so I ended up ripping out one large motif.  Of course I ended up breaking a thread on trying to loosen a ring that didn't have any picots in it.  Not such a good start so far but I am hoping I got the mistake out of the way early so I wont have to deal with any more! Fingers crossed!!

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