Tuesday, August 9, 2016

20 motif

It has been a very emotional and stressful last couple of weeks. The trip back home to Idaho was great but as always  it was way too short.  As always the first couple of days after our visit are extremely difficult. It is very difficult to leave and it is so very lonely for weeks afterwards. 
I ended up taking only my new black Lizbeth thread in size 20 plus lots of shuttles. My thought was I could buy more thread there if I found I needed more. This was my first try with Lizbeth thread and my first try at anything smaller than a size 10.  It was certainly not the best idea to start with black! The darker the color the more difficult it is to see the knots so tatting with black requires really good lighting and the right eye wear.  If I have my contacts in I need really good cheater readers, it is better if I have my glasses on and I can slide them down off my nose to get my work close enough to see.  I am legally blind without lenses so crafting while doing anything else (like visiting or watching tv) can be a big challenge.  It ended up that I didn't really have much time to tat while we were there so it wasn't a huge issue.
Once we got home I was able to finish the choker I had started. This is motif 20 in the 25 motif challenge.

  I used the same pattern I used before which I found in the book Tatted Bookmark edited by Barbara Foster.  I decided I liked the way it looked by stopping after the first row.  They look like little hearts  so I am going to try wearing it to see if it is stiff enough without blocking it. I used one of my new shuttles and this thing fought me the entire time.  It is a moonlit shuttle by handy hands that has a crochet hook on one end.  The hook seems to be longer than the one on the Aerlit so I could not find a way to hold it that it didn't try to hook on everything. I wont completely give up on this shuttle until I try it with different thread and with a different mind set but for now I don't love it!

I think I let the combination of the hard to see black thread, the new smaller size and the shuttle that fought me, get to me so I haven't tatted since I finished the choker. I decided to start a cross stitch that has limited colors so that I didn't have to make any decisions. I am just about done with it so now I am in panic mode because I have to make more decision on what project to do next. Once again we are between holidays so I cant base my decision on holiday.  For my mental state I would like to find something that is easy, very repetitive and one color.  I have been looking for a doily to make but so far I haven't ran across one yet. A few weeks ago I scored several tatting books at Goodwill so I have been pouring over those as well as the ones I ordered off amazon. I am finding I don't understand the patterns and most of the pictures are not clear enough to figure them out.  I spent most of yesterday on the internet looking at doilies and catching up on some of my favorite tatting blogs but all it did was overwhelm me.  It is so easy to loose track of time when on the internet so I try not to do it too often.  Since I  didn't find a pattern I feel like it was a bit of wasted time.  I really need to find another craft project so I can keep my mind busy.  I am sure hoping I find something soon!


  1. Beautiful pattern - noticed the hearts right away !
    Have you checked out Renulek's doilies - they are fairly easy & you can usually stop at any round in case you don't want to tat it all the way through.
    She notates the stitch count on the tatted model, but if you want any help with written pattern, let me know & I'll try to walk you through it.

  2. That is beautiful!!! :) And yes, black is harder to work with!! :)

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