Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Row 3 mess up

I seriously cant believe I messed up on row 3!  To add insult to injury the mistake happened 7 chains into the row.  I did a long picot where is should have been a joining picot and I didnt find this mistake until I went to close the row.  The big decision now is whether to cut out part of the row and repair it or just leave it be and hope it wont be too terribly noticeable.  If I choose to repair the row it means that I will have tons of ends to hide and I really am dreading that. For some reason the doily seems to be bunching up a bit and I am not positive how I would have to try to fix that. I can only hope that the next row will help it lay flatter.  If it doesn't I will just have to try to figure out how I can avoid the same problem with the next try.  So I guess as soon as I make a decision whether to fix the mistake or roll with it I will just keep tatting along!

1 comment:

  1. How about leaving the long picot as is. Use a sewing thread in same colour, or same tatting thread, and sew the 2 joining ends as close as the rest, thus shortening the distance to simulate joining picot length.