Monday, August 15, 2016

Next Doily

After much debating and more time spent cruisin the internet I finally just decide to do another doily from the lovely Ranulek. I absolutely love how easy her patterns are to follow and how she usually posts the execution order as well.  Most rows are very easy to remember stitch counts on and you can pretty much stop at any row to make the desired size doily.  I decided to do the Wiosna 2015 doily.  There is only one row that I am a little unsure of how to execute but it is clear up to row 7 so I figured that if I couldn't figure it out I could just stop before that row.  I m not sure how much I am going to enjoy row 5 as it is making each motif separate and tying off after each one so I will just have to see how I feel up to that point. 
The first 2 rows have gone very nicely. I am working with artiste thread in size 10 and it is cornflower blue. I have had pretty good luck with this brand of thread so far so I am going to stick with it.

It looks like the next row is going to be fairly easy and very repetitive as long as I can pay attention to the counts and the size of the picots. Sometimes I have more trouble with the easier rows because I tend to get a bit complacent and not pay enough attention so I hope that wont happen on this row!

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