Wednesday, August 31, 2016

More mistakes!

I can't quite believe it has been so long since I have posted anything but it has been just as long since I have even touched my tatting.  I had about gotten to the end of row 4 when I realized that I did the very first join wrong.  I set it aside for about 2 days trying to figure out the best way to fix it before I got so frustrated that I completely put it away to deal with later. In the mean time I was busy trying to find the perfect cross stitch pattern to do as a birth announcement for some friends that have had their first baby.  I just about drove myself crazy trying to find a pattern so I finally just settled on one that I had purchase way before the birth that at the time I thought I loved.  So far I am pretty much hating everything about this piece.  I decided on 18 count fabric in white because I had it in my stash and I didn't want the finished piece to be too big.  I have never done one with this small of holes and it is about killing me trying to see.  The colors that the pattern is calling for seem to be super washed out and dull so I am wishing I would have picked some of my own to make it a bit brighter but that would have required a bunch of decisions that I just wasn't up for. 
At this point I am so frustrated with the cross stitch that I am getting tired of doing it and I am only about a 1/4 done with it.  I am also still stumped as to how to repair my mistake on my doily without having to cut a bunch of it off. Now that I have seen it again I have noticed that it is also curling up a bit.

  It has been a  bad week with my head spinning out of control so I really need to keep busy with something. The weather has gone from mid 90s last week clear down to barely being in the low 60s with nasty black overcast clouds with no benefit of rain to make things green again so things are just cold and dreary.   Most of the big projects that I need to do around the house have been overwhelming me and making my head spin more so I was hoping I could get lost in tatting or cross stitch.  The thought of starting a new craft project or even finishing off the ones that are almost done makes the anxiety rise.  I sure could use some happy loving thoughts!!


  1. Everything looks OK once you get past the first "flower" motif. So. Cut the flower motif so that you can undo enough of the tatting to hide the ends. Finish the row and just pretend that you started at the second flower. It's a little bit fussy, but not nearly as bad as it might have been. A lot of time fixing a mistake isn't nearly as hard as we think it it. You just have to get started on it. You don't have to re-tat the whole row so it's really not that bad.

  2. Your doily is beautiful!!! I am sure the ruffling will settle down with blocking!! :)