Sunday, April 3, 2016

Happy belated Easter

Is anyone else seeing a pattern here?  Here lately I have been having trouble getting things completely finished on time. I seem to be one step behind the calendar. For some reason Easter just crept up and now its already gone. It was so close to St pats that I didn't even put the Easter decoration up.  I did get my motifs done in time I just didn't get them in the mail in time and I didn't get them posted on here on time but here they are...

This is #10 in the 25 Motif Challenge. I ended up making 7 of these. The pattern can be found(  here  ) I wish I could tell you whos pattern it is but I never could find a name on the site. The thread is vintage J&P Coats in pastel and I did these with a needle. I am so much quicker with a needle but I am still working with my shuttles to try to get faster with them.


  1. Wish I could see the picture. Did you forget to add it to the post or is it hiding somewhere?