Wednesday, April 27, 2016

1st 2 rows of doily

Its been pretty cold and rainy the last couple of days so that means the perfect weather to just snuggle inside and tat!  I finally just decided to take a deep breath, pull up my big girl pants and make a decision on which doily to do as my first.  I decided on Renulek Spring 2014 napkin in a solid color.  It made sense to pick from one of my favorite!  I chose a green that was a bit muted and earthy so that it will be able to be used in almost any room in my house including the kitchen.  In case it turns out yucky I can use it as a dish rag!  hehehe

I was able to complete the first 2 rows without too much trouble.  Its kind of a good thing I didn't think of having to close the row before I started or I may have been more hesitant to start.  I was able to close the second round ok, it was just a bit of a challenge.   I am not sure if I did it the perfect way but it looks ok, just not flawless.  I believe tatting just requires quite a bit of common sense so I just had to use that to figure out how to do it!  I am hoping that round 3 will go as well.