Monday, April 4, 2016

Early International Tatting Day

So last week was a pretty busy week. I have been trying to do a bit of spring cleaning but I have been finding out that I probably shouldn't have saved so much for the spring time LOL! It kind of feels like I celebrated international tatting day a bit early. Wednesday I had planned to ride the ferry across the to knock something off my bucket list. This little jaunt put me in the direct path of coming across several thrift stores, 2 Jo-Ann fabrics, and 2 Hobby Lobbys. It seems my vehicle just cant seem to drive by any of them without stopping...ok, ok I know I cant blame the vehicle but that is my story and I am going to stick to it. I ended up bring home a couple balls of vintage JP Coats thread, a couple balls of Lizbeth thread (the selection I found was very slim), some cool buttons to try to tat around and a starlit shuttle. The shuttle is giant compared to the small clover shuttles I have been using so I am not sure how quickly I am going to be trying it out but I will add it to my collection. I can tell it will hold much more thread which may come in handy at some point. I am looking forward to trying the Lizbeth thread out. I kind of ran out of time to explore each store for as long as I would have liked but I also didn't want to miss the ferry.
It was a beautiful spring day and a perfect day for a ferry ride. The ride was only half an hour but I spent every minute of it sitting outside at the front of the boat shuttle tatting. I had one person stop and comment on my tatting. She said that her grandmother used to tat! That sure made me smile.
The ferry ride ended at a casino to watch the show "Thunder from down under". Heheheh...male strip show..check off the bucket list! It was a super late night because the production company we sometimes work for did the lighting for the show so we got in free so we stayed and helped with tear down and load out. I didn't get home till almost 3am because I missed the last ferry so I had to drive around. Totally worth it cause it was a pretty awesome day. So I am going to call it Happy early International Tatting day! Whhooo hooo for once I was ahead of the calendar!!
I spent the week trying to find a motif to give to a lady at church that has given  us some eggs and a couple of homemade rolls for Easter dinner. I did these lil guys but they are super tiny and I wanted something a bit bigger. I feel really bad because I cant re-find where I got the pattern from for the tiny one. The bigger ones are from Marilee Rockley. These will be #12 and 13 of the 25 motif challenge. These were all done with a needle.
This will be #14 of the challenge.

 The pattern is from Sheila Edlunds and this too was done with a needle. There were several mistakes in the pattern that I didn't catch until it was too late so I really dislike how this one turned out. I absolutely HATE the colors I used so needless to say this one is going to be put away in the tat of shame box. So come Sunday I still have not come up with anything to take. Oh well I guess there is always next weekend


  1. Very nice butterflies!!! :)
    I think that is a very nice heart!!! :)

  2. I actually like the heart. I can see it is not perfect. But, after all, who's heart is pure and unscarred?