Friday, April 29, 2016

Row 3

Its been another couple of busy days. We actually had the pleasure of hosting another dinner for a friend that my hubby used to work with.  He is another monster guitar player so it was awesome to have him over for a few hours.  It has been such a treat to have people over that we are going to try to make it happen more often.
I was able to complete another row on my doily.  I ended up finding out on my last element that if I joined "as is" the doily was going to bunch badly. I should have made my picot joins much smaller and some of my chains much tighter. I ended up dropping some stitches on the last couple of chains. It seems to be ok, it doesnt lay completely flat so I am hoping that blocking will help.

I have been having lots of thoughts on what to do with the finished project. I started out thinking I was just going to do this in one color but I am trying to decide if I want to add a color for the next row or just stop at this row and start another project. I kind of picked this pattern because it looks kind of cute with just these rows.  Aggghhh more decisions.  I know a lot of my decisions aren't life changing or critical to anyone's health or welfare but I have massive trouble making even the tiniest of them. Life is all about choices but I have had to make some HUGE world (my own personal world of course) changing ones in the recent past so that has caused making almost all decisions next to impossible.  Really the only thing I don't have to make a decision to do is breath....therefore "just breath" has tons of meaning for me!  Some days that's the only mantra that gets me through the day.  Unfortunately some days that's all I can do but I have been told its a pretty important  JUST BREATH!

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