Sunday, April 3, 2016

First ever shuttle motif

I do believe I am going to count this one as #11 in the motif challenge!

Since I was very familiar with the egg pattern I decided to try one with the shuttle. Wow was it ever full of firsts. I used 2 shuttles so I could see if I could change colors where I wanted to and I do believe I did that. Right out of the gate I had to do a split ring and that wasn't too terrible. Then I had to do a folded join, now that ended up being much more difficult! I had to pick it out twice which is no easy task and it made the thread in that spot pretty wonky but I did it! Then I got to do a split chain, that went ok but I had to pick it out once so it made the thread in that spot funky as well. When I started on the outside I only hid one end of the thread. When  I got toward the end I had a bad feeling I was going to run out of thread and sure enough I did on the very last chain so I ended up finger tatting to get me to the end.  When I came to the end I used a loop of thread to try to hide the ends (including the one I didn't hide at the beginning of this row) but I wasn't able to pull through so much thread at once so I wasn't able to hide the other end and to top that off it was so short that I cant use a needle to hide that in so that one is just not going to get done. All in all I believe this went ok for my very first shuttle motif! I am a perfectionist so of course when I look at it all I see are the mistakes so I will probably just hide it away and bring it out after I do a bunch more so I can compare how far I have come!

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  1. I think you did really great for a first try and all those techniques!!! :)