Monday, May 16, 2016

Bassco prayers and bad day tatting

Well its another not so awesome weekend in the books.  This one sucked for lots of reasons.  One of my cats (we have 2... Tabassco, Bassco for short and Tapatio, Tio for short(yes we love hot sauce in our house)) had gotten in a cat fight on Monday and we just kind of was keeping an eye on him since I haven't worked in so long and money is super tight.  He had a couple of bite marks and they didn't look too terrible until Friday when they turned into abscesses. So I took him in and they shaved him and gave him antibiotics.  So this weekend was spent giving my poor baby hot compresses and praying that the infection goes away and that the wounds drain so we don't need to have a drain put in.  I am feeling like the worlds worse pet-parent for not taking him in earlier cause I know he hasn't felt well.  He seems like he has ok hours and bad hours so I have been so stressed hoping that there isn't more going on and that he will get better soon. 

The weather has pretty much matched my mood, or maybe visa-versa. We have barely been in the 60s and raining, blowing and super overcast and foggy. Saturday was a terrible day tatting, I couldn't seem to do anything right.  I ended up cutting out 2 huge elements and untatting lots of stitches due to mistakes and I couldn't seem to get my stitches to flip.  My mind was so scrambled and I wasn't thinking clearly but I couldn't seem to just put it down and walk away. The more mistakes I made the madder it was making me but it made me want to try to do better and not quit.

Since the kitties haven't been able to go outside the moles have gone crazy in the yard.  We have at least 18 new dirt mounds.  Bassco seems to keep them at bay but now I am nervous to even think about letting him out since he got attacked by something.  We only let the kitties go outside if I can keep an eye on them and I have never known them to leave our yard but our yard is 2 acres so anything could have happened. 

With all the rain and no sun it has pretty much killed off all our iris flowers.  The were so beautiful and plentiful because of all the sun but they look awful and sad now. I am not sure if they will come back but I am hoping they will because they sure make me smile.

Here's to hoping that the week goes much better!!

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