Friday, May 6, 2016

Row 5

Well our weather took a turn for the cold and rainy so I just kind of snuggled in and tatted for most of the day.  The good news is I finished row 5 . This one was actually pretty fun to do and wasn't as scary as I was worried about.  The bad news is the edges seem to be curling a bit.  I am just going to jump into the next row and hope it starts straightening out. The next row has lots of thrown rings and I have never tried to do them before but I guess now is as good as time as any to try them out


  1. Your doily is growing more beautiful each time!!! I think you are doing a fabulous job on it!!! :)
    When I tatted this doily I struggled too, but I am sure you will do very well!!! :)

    1. Well you are super sweet...thanks so much for the encouragements!