Friday, May 13, 2016

Rows 6 and shuttle

It has been a very sad last couple of days.  I am so home sick and having such anxiety that it makes for some very trying days.  Thankfully the weather has been a bit better. If the sun comes out it seems to help at least a little bit. I am definitely a warm weather person, I love the sun and warm.
I haven't felt up to doing much of anything so I have just done a little tatting on the next couple rows of the doily.

 Even though they are very easy rows I am finding they are causing a bit of grief.  I found that I am not pulling the tension evenly on the chains and my thrown rings are uneven.  To top that off I found I dropped some stitches on a chain and its way too far back to fix. Then I found that I dropped a thrown ring and a chain about 6 elements back. That means that is 11 rings I would have to try to undue and I am terrible at doing that.  I could just cut it out but the silly thing is that I just tied in thread 2 elements prior to the mistake.  This time I decided to wind my thread onto a bigger shuttle.  So far I have only been using Clover small shuttles.  I decided to try my Lacis.  I am struggling with it because it is longer.  I am hoping it wont take long to get used to because it seems to hold quite a bit more thread and since I have a bit of trouble hiding all my ends that will be a good thing not having to do it so often.   I am seriously considering just leaving the mistake alone and see what happens with the next row.  As of right now the edges are cupping upward, I believe it is due to my uneven tension on my chains, the same story probably goes for the crooked rings as well.  If I dont make the decision soon I am afraid I will just set the project aside and not finish wish me luck in another decision!  


  1. Nikki, try spritzing it with water and finger pressing it on a towel to see if you can get the cupping out. Sometimes that makes a big difference. If that works, you know that pressing it later will solve the cupping issue. I like to use bobbin shuttles when working a big project, especially as I get to the longer rounds. I load several bobbins in advance so I don't have to cut my ball thread when my shuttle runs out of thread. I, too, hate to have any more ends to deal with than is absolutely necessary.

    1. Thanks so much for the tips! I never dreamed of spritzing so I will have to give it a try. I am using a inexpensive thread since I had no idea how much thread I will need so that could also be causing issues. I havent tried using my shuttles that have bobbins but I may have to bust them out! Thanks for being so sweet!!