Sunday, May 15, 2016

I am very thankful that I took a while to decide on what to do with my nasty mistake!  I looked at the next row closely and I am definitely going to need the missing picot to attach the next row to.  So I made the decision to cut out the row and fix the mistake.  I cut out part of it and un-knotted part of it so I could have thread enough to tat a bit so I didn't have to hide all my ends at once.  The next row is probably going to take a long time to accomplish judging by how long the last rows took and those rows were easy.  I am hoping that this row will be heavy enough to help lay down the previous rows. 


  1. That was a great way to make your decision. I look forward to following your progress.

  2. Fixing mistakes is less stressful if you follow my instructions for adding in new thread.
    These instructions let you hide both the old and new threads as you tat. It takes a little time but it makes a secure invisible join of the old and new threads without having to tie knots, sew in ends, struggle with Magic Thread loops of anything else. When dealing with the ends is easy, fixing mistakes is less of a struggle.

  3. So far your doily is looking wonderful!!! :) I hope you don't give up!!! :)